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A collaborative project for an Editorial featuring BEASHA latex garments.


Final Graduate Collection.

Taking Inspiration from the movement or the body, process of dance and choreographed poses against graphic elements and colour of modernism paintings.

model sat on a chair in black knit and white tyvec with white collar


Capsule Collection of knits and Final Look for client Kiku Sato, an Architect living in Tokyo. Using all Upcycled yarn pushed to its limits through techniques and form. 

Upcycled Collection inspired by a set of polaroids from an Antarctic Naval expedition in the 1980s.

pink draped silk on mannequin fashion design research

Collection for a Givenchy competition using their archive as the starting point. Delicate smocking is reflected through knit and fabric manipulation throughout the collection, along with the colour palette of Malcom T. Liepke.

white upcycled denim puffer coat with orange straps headshot model

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