BEASHA is coming to you all very soon and I want to thank you all for your patience. A lot goes into each garment and the brand has been born from the love of modern 'power dressing'. That feeling when you put on your best outfit and feel like you can accomplish anything. I've been working hard to make sure each piece makes you look and feel amazing and the wait will soon be over. Every person should strive to leave this planet in a better state than when they landed and for me, this so happens to be creating beautiful things for lovely people - you lot - without further harming our planet. Good fashion should have depth and make you feel something, in the case of BEASHA, that feeling I hope to bring you is confidence and beauty, as well as being more aware of how its us, the little people, the consumers, that can make a huge difference for the sustainable future..

Every piece is lovingly designed, pattern cut, sewn, packaged and sent by me, Bea from my Studio in Bristol. Each piece takes around half a day to make and are all customisable so you know you'll get your perfect fit and you'll be wearing something so personal to you. It's so important to me to practice slow fashion and never falter on design or quality.

I try to source all my fabrics from Dead-stock, Organic or Vintage fabrics and so each piece can only be made in very small quantities. When I find a fabric that is none of those three, I make sure it is always sourced from the UK but it means I can re-order in larger quantities if you all love it as much as I do.


Photography by Saskia Kovandzich

BEASHA (Bea Stoneham) is a Designer, Seamstress and Commission Artist based in the UK. Her editorial and costume designs often respond to the fragile beauty of the Earth and so all collections and garments have sustainability as the core that is built upon in the designing and making process. 

As a lover of craftsmanship, the construction is just as important to her as the final product and creative direction. She is currently a part-time Seamstress and Social Media Manager for respected and loved Lycra brand Burnt Soul Clothing and will always enjoy the tactile element to her work. 

After graduating from the University of West of England (Fashion BA), Bea worked on the costume for the Shobana Dance Company's performance at Southbank, London under Menswear brand COTTWEILER. She then went on to Burnt Soul whilst undertaking freelance work and commissions with projects such Pepsi's Christmas Advert.


University of West of England: Fashion BA

(First Class Hons)

Awards and Shows:

  • Worshipful Company of Framework knitters Award (2018-2019) of £1,500.

  • Bristol Hobbs Fashion Show (October 2019)


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